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Profits Fund Global Holding Ltd. (PFGHL) is an international clothing enterprise with a vision to craft outfits that reflect classic elegance, sensuality and comfort. We provide a full spectrum of services including textile production, dyeing, weaving, garment manufacturing and worldwide product delivery. As a pioneering one-stop service provider for the garment industry, we have the advantage of over a decade of global insight into the fashion and apparel industry, creating value for our clients in order to attain mutual success.
With numerous factories in mainland China and Hong Kong, PFGHL is strongly placed to deliver large scale productions of the most stringent quality, on time and exactly to order. Our investments in advanced weaving, dyeing and garment manufacturing facilities ensure that we are able to respond quickly to the needs of a rapidly changing market, while satisfying our clients' needs for competitive pricing and specialised design expertise.
Andrew Hui President
At the helm of PFGHL is an experienced executive team led by businessman Andrew Hui. Through effort and determination, Mr. Hui started his career as line and functional staff up to senior management in a multi-national corporation (MNC). He has equipped himself with a comprehensive understanding of the operation process in the garment manufacturing industry through 20 years of practical experience. Through his global perspective of the industry and his insight into the local and international market, Mr. Hui continues to lead the company to success. He conceived the idea for launching a one-stop garment manufacturing business in the mid-1990s, after recognising a weakness in the apparel manufacturing market to comprehensively address the needs of wholesale and retail customers under one roof. With his skill for unearthing business opportunities and keen eye for future trends, he helped PFGHL navigate the financial crisis of 1997, and continues to search for creative solutions that give customers a reason to return, finding cost efficiencies without surrendering quality.