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PFGHL is an advanced garment manufacturing solutions provider with global reach and proven capabilities, providing clients from all over the world with large scale, socially responsible textile and fashion apparel production services. We invest strategically in the most advanced technologies to ensure that we create products of stringent quality, in line with the latest international fashion trends. Our full spectrum of services includes different kinds of textile production, dyeing, weaving, garment manufacturing and worldwide delivery.

We own advanced weaving facilities, fabric dyeing houses, garment manufacturing plants, and cooperate with an alliance network of factories worldwide, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers' requests. The dye house and sampling room in Hong Kong enables clients to receive one-day lab-dipping services and three-day sampling services. All our weaving and garment factories utilise top-of-the-line manufacturing technologies, to ensure that you receive the best products possible.
Use our design services to create the clothes of your customers' dreams. Our savvy professional design team possesses the marketing sense to build entire product lines in cooperation with your own designers, or craft original fashion apparel that represents the pinnacle of your creative vision. Whatever your requirements may be, PFGHL is here to exceed your expectations flexibly and innovatively.
Fabric development to your technical brief. We source and develop a rich range of fabrics reflecting our product diversity - from fit for purpose synthetics, bottom weight denims and poly-viscose bases through to highest quality natural yarns, chiffons, silks, prints and embroidered textiles for aspirational clothing. We are one of the few suppliers with our own technical teams who monitor mill production and testing at every stage of the process, from prototyping to full manufacturing.
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We care about workmanship and quality. PFGHL has invested significantly in professional garment manufacturing plants staffed with skilled workers capable of crafting the finest high-end textile products. Our strong production network in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen enable us to achieve high quality products. Our factory in Shenzhen successfully passed and was validated by the program of "Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Partnership" which jointly conducted by the U.S. Customs and China Customs in August 2011. It is recognised as a reliable security factory in China.
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Always looking for ways to improve the environmental impact, quality and cost of the dyeing process. At PFGHL, we have the experience and professional expertise to provide all our clients with excellent dyeing and textile printing services. PFGHL's dye houses in Hong Kong and Suzhou are particularly well-known for their expertise in treating silk. Our dye houses have access to the region's soft water, which creates superior fabric colours compared to that offered through the use of China's hard water, while our efficient lab-dipping services can create any colour a customer can imagine, stably and accurately within short period of time.
Profits Fund Global Bluesign Clothing Manufacturer Dye House
Optimised delivery for a competitive return. Our sales teams are here to support you in identifying market opportunities for your brand and business model. From concept to consumer and at any stage in between, our clients may choose to draw upon the experience of our sales people to deliver added value solutions, where required.
We carefully study your product specifications, using industry expertise to cross cost and negotiate on your behalf. Forward capacity planning enables us to adapt production to your circumstances quickly and efficiently. Whether you seek a specific fabric or trim, or you need a complete design and manufacturing solution, we are well equipped to deliver the bespoke service that best fits your requirements.
We understand that your business depends on bringing garments to market at just the right time. With its advanced weaving, dyeing and garment manufacturing facilities, PFGHL is strongly-placed to craft exquisite fashion apparel of the finest quality to meet its clients' demands. Whether you require production in bulk or in a more restricted quantity, we can deliver your product fast and on time.

As an added convenience to overseas buyers, PFGHL offers international delivery anywhere in the world according to clients' requests. Receive your products at the airport or harbour of your choice. Our network of international offices is capable of responding to queries quickly and efficiently, regardless of where wholesale or retail customers are based.