Adhering to PFGHL Group's concept of sustainable development and abiding by the European Union's organic agricultural certification standards, BOMBYX is committed to environmental protection and the introduction of the newest technologies and equipment, with the goal of building the world's largest organic silk production base and industrial supply chain. BOMBYX finished the construction of an eco-friendly organic sericultural base at Nanchong's Yilong County in 2018. According to estimates, the base will be able to farm between 17, 000 to 18, 000 pieces of silkworms after three years, producing 600 tons of fresh cocoons every year. In addition, BOMBYX sericultural base counts with a complex development plan of agricultural integration, which covers the cultivation of organic livestock, organic fruits and vegetable interplanted with medicinal materials, as well as the development of producing edible fungi with mulberry shoots, and organic fertilizer production facilities, aiming at establishing an ecological organic food market.

Concerning the management of production facilities and all its investments, BOMBYX follows the highest national and foreign technical standards, and continuously introduces new technologies and concepts of environmental protection. The silkworm rearing in bases is managed in strict compliance with Council Regulation (EC) No. EC834/2007 and No. 889/2008, Chinese national environmental and agricultural standards, as well as national environmental health standards. The main agrotechniques and norms applied to organic silkworm farming include the following six categories: technical standards for planting, regenerative agricultural technology, mulberry field production technology and management, sericulture technical standards & standardization and large-scale production technology management. The utilization of advanced technologies and rigorous quality control have enabled BOMBYX to achieve comprehensive and sustainable conservation of the atmosphere, water and soil.